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    I have 8+ years of extensive experience in the following services:-

    • Print/Graphics Design
    • Website/Landing Page/Template/Email Newsletter/Clickfunnel Design
    • Website Development
    • Website Redesign
    • Mobile Apps Design (iOS, Android, Windows)
    • E-Commerce Website Design and Development
    • Search Engine Optimization

    I have designed & developed everything. Lawyers, electricians, dentists, doctors, veterinarians, asphalts, HVAC, garage door repair, garage builders, home improvement, roofers, and many many more industries. If you feel as if you want a Minneapolis Web Design company that has worked in your industry before just ask me. I’ve worked on over 400+ websites since 2016 so that answer will likely be yes.

    My process with each client begins a with a discovery call (usually around 10 minutes) to understand exactly what they need and want. Once they confirm with my services, I will share a website content folder to collect all the images, ideas, and content for their website. I will then build the first website draft and provide unlimited revisions until the client is 100% satisfied. Once the website is fully built, I will launch the website and provide website training on how to make edits.

    I communicate in the way that serves you best. Some clients prefer email only, some prefer via telephone, some by video conferencing and others like a mixture of all three. I have the tools and capabilities to serve you as a client from start to finish. I utilize a mixture of internal tools including Slack, Trello, and Basecamp to keep track of milestones and keep your project running smoothly.

    Once we start, the average site usually takes 6 weeks to build. This timeline varies depending on the complexity of your site and if you have content for the website (text, images, logos, etc.) ready to go. If Digital Champ will be helping create content, this will also add to the timeline.

    My fee is custom. It depends on the scope of your project and the value you are trying to create with your website. Reach out here to setup a discovery call and get a quote.

    You will need to provide all the written content for the site, as well as images, such as logos and photos.

    If you need help with writing content, design, let me know and I’ll be happy to help! In addition to the estimate, I will charge you at our standard copy writing or content input rate.

    Sorry, I don’t provide this type of service but yes, i can surely help you to suggest the best plan and site to purchase the domain & hosting where support team has powerful response time to solve your queries.

    When you do a search on Google, for instance, all the results are returned to you in an order determined by Google. Obviously the best place to be is on the first page of the results—this helps increase the chances your site will be visited. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and all the other search engines don’t tell us how they rank web sites, but through experimentation we’ve figured out what they are looking for. There are various techniques we can employ to help put your site near the top of search results for specific phrases or search terms.

    Nobody can guarantee your placement on another company’s search engine, but I can do my best to increase your ranking. Beware of SEO companies who make guarantees. Often they will use tricks that may be effective in the short-term but are against the rules. You may find that your site which was at number one will soon be removed from all Google search results until they decide to let you back in.

    When I build a site, I do my best to use techniques which are accepted and effective at that time. However, search companies are constantly tweaking the way they determine placement. To be truly effective we can be hired to continually tweak your site to achieve optimal placement. Contact me if you have questions.

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